Why do people collect things? What do people collect? And what kind of things should i collect? Do you need inspiration to start your own collection? Look no further. This is the ultimate list of things to collect.

Humans are collecting as no other animal on this planet. A third of people from the UK collects something. We humans collect purely out of satisfaction. It has been like this since we stopped the nomadic lifestyle and started living in one location. Here things and valuables slowly started getting stacked. But why did people start to collect things then. Theories vary, from existential anxieties – where a collection will live on as an extension of our identity, to evolutionary theorists that suggests a collection acts as a means to impress potential mates with the amount of valuable ressources one can collect. There are quite a few explanations that we should not go much further into. This article is the ultimate list of things to collect and instead it aims to inspire you to find that niche of treasures that you want to collect. Whether you are looking for fun things to collect, old artifacts or something cool – this list will introduce you to a lot of things that people are collecting and has been collecting for a long time.

This is not a ranking on the best, funniest or most interesting things to collect. There is no order. It is just THE ULTIMATE LIST of things to collect – with 85 ideas. The links will take you to auction results pages and websites where you can buy these collectibles, see what they the prices are and look at images.

Best of luck in your new life as a collector.

  • Posters

Auction results posters 

Antique posters at Amazon

Antique posters Catawiki






  • Medals
antique - medals
antique – medals

Rare medals auction results

Buy medals at auction







  • Antique frames


Antique frames Catawiki

Antique frame auction results

Antique frames






  • Crabs

Crabs or animals – many people are fascinated by a specific animal and focus their collection on that. It could be anything from crabs to polar bears.







  • Antique silver


silver antiques

Antique Silver – comes in beautiful variations. From spoons and forks to cigarette cases and bowls.







  • Armor

Armor is a big collection topic. People collect everything from specific shields to complete samurai armor sets.








Did we miss something interesting that people are collecting right now?

Name something people collect! Do you have some ideas to fun things that people are collecting, then please share it with us – we would enjoy to add them to the ultimate list of collectibles. Write us at info@mearto.com