Welcome to KÖLNER LISTE 2018 – Discovery Art Fair

The KÖLNER LISTE 2018 is a unique art fair that will showcase awesome contemporary arts not just from recognized artist but from talented emerging artists as well. It offers fresh, young art at low prices and excites all those who would rather buy and bring home their favorite piece, not just marvel at exclusive art.
There will be 108 exhibitors from more than 20 countries presenting themselves not only in classical form of expression like painting, photography, graphics or sculpture, there are also contemporary positions that go beyond those classic artistic disciplines, like modern light art, media art or street and urban art. Above all, interdisciplinary, experimental and surprising art works await visitors of this year’s fair.
With such a diverse selection, the art fair has something for all tastes and budgets and appeals to people interested in buying their first art purchases as well as experienced collectors looking to expand their collections and discover new positions.
Exhibitors will present their newest pieces and current programs at the fifth edition of the Kölner Liste, taking place from April 19th-22nd 2018 at the XPost Cologne.

Daily Curator Tours:

You Can’t Get a More Insider View On each day of the fair (3pm daily, Friday – Sunday) the Kölner Liste curators are offering guided tours around the art fair. Each curator brings with him a unique focal point and will present exciting artistic items, explain contexts, and gladly answer questions. It is free to participate in the one-hour visitor tour and no pre-registration is necessary.

Kölner Liste Edition: Contemporary Art at Prices that Please.

After its successful premiere last year, there will be another limited Kölner Liste Edition this time as well. The idea fits perfectly to the fair profile true to the motto that everyone should be able to buy art. With a limited edition of ten prints each, high-quality and signed prints from ten emerging artists will be available for the affordable price of 100 euros.

Fair Location: XPost Cologne

The Kölner Liste 2018 will take place like last year at the XPost in downtown Cologne. The centrally located hall, a former post office building from 1895, captivates with its combination of industrial charm and urban flair, as well as in the interplay of historical surroundings and modern design, and offers on more than 4,000 square meters the ideal framework for presenting contemporary art.

Exhibitor List | KÖLNER LISTE 2018

A.W. Schöps | AAA+ Galleries | Adam Karamanlis | Alte Bäckerei | Andrey Noda | Anima Kremer | Anne Dahm-Puchalla | Ars Cracovia Galerie | Art & Lef | ArtConcept Berlin | Arthus Galerie | Atelier Alen | Avivson Gallery | Beate Gärtner | Bettina C. Morio | Bettina Kohlen | bildpark gallery | Britta Reinhardt | Caspar Reuter | Cater | Cesar Piette | Christos Eliades | Claudia Küster | co/Atelier Galerie | Danny Frede | Dante Galic | Decrustate Collective | dieho-Galerie | Ekaterina Moré | Elena Panknin | Eliot the Super | EunJung Seo-Zimmermann | Fabian Gatermann | Fabian Pfleger | gabi rottes | Galerie Amuthon-Art | Galerie an der Zitadelle | Galerie Flow Fine Art | Galerie Flox | Galerie im Fritz-Winter-Atelier | Galerie Kerstan | Galerie Klose contemporary tomorrow | Galerie Knecht und Burster | galerie m beck | Galerie Reitz | Galerie Sievi | Galerie unlimited | Galería Gaudí | Galleria Contempo | Gianni Chiacchio | graefe art.concept | Gregor Kalus | Harald Kriesel | Helga Gendriesch | HKE3 | HLP Galerie | Inna Mosor | Jana Dettmer | Janina Christine Brügel | Jean-Pierre Kunkel | Jenny Plümpe | Jo Teh | John Maibohm | Jörg Minrath | Kaja el Attar | Karin Heissen | Katinka Dermietzel | Kiss my Art & Design | Klaus M. Hartmann | La Galeria/Unique | Lucie Kazda | Maike Kreichgauer | Mandana Mesgarzadeh | Michael Hornauer | Michael Streissl | Monika Gauer | Moritz Albert | Natalia Frolova | Nordcom Gallery | Open Walls Gallery | Pagener&Petermann | Pascal Olders | Patrizia Casagranda | Pavel Guliaev | Peer Kriesel | Peintre X | Peter Wilde | Petra Paffenholz | Phasis Project Space | PontArte | Rainer Schiffer | Red Corridor Gallery | Remco Leuverink | Rob Voerman | Roger König Art | Rubrechtcontemporary | Sandra van der Meulen | schaP – Manuela Pasch | Square Rock Ltd. | ST-H Gallery | Studio Komander | Susanna Storch | Thomas Heinlein | Thomas Rother Kunstschacht Zollverein | Transwing (R) Art Gallery | Ute Laux | Uwe Mertsch | V Gallery | Vier Promille | Volker Stollberg | Wolfram Völcker Fine Art | Yulia Novikova | Zheni Maslarova Warner
The online gallery with all exhibitors of Kölner Liste 2018 can be found at Discoveryartfair.com