As the summer ends, it seems like many beautiful and quality antiques, collectibles and paintings have found their way to the Skånes Auction House. Their online auction, starting on August 23 18:00 CEST, features highlights such as an incredible painting by Bengt Lindström, an impressive silver bowl from the 16th century and a magnificent ring set with tanzanite. It is possible to find great catches in this versatile auction with very accessible prices. Let’s looks at some of the highlights.

skaane auction paintings
Bengt Lindström, Surrealist composition with figures. Oil on Canvas. 65×54 cm. Price estimate: approximately € 3,000-4,000. Skånes Auktionsverk

Characterized by the distinct colours and distorted faces in his paintings, Bengt Lindström (1925-2008) was one of Sweden’s most well known modern artists. He was educated in Paris under famous painter Fernand Léger. In this work, the luscious and loose brushwork and the expert use of the impasto technique elevates the painting and brings it out of the canvas, interacting with the viewer, almost harshly. Lindström was a follower of the post-war avant-garde CoBrA movement, which shows in the dynamism and the childish, emotional nature of his figures. The painting is filled with compositional turbulence, agitation and uncontrolled energy, characteristic with the traits of Dynamism.

Lindström’s oeuvre is popular in the current auction market with lots sold previously by Christie’s with a price range of $15,000 – 40,000 so this original and sizable oil on canvas work from Skånes Auktionsverk is certainly a catch for anyone interested in Scandinavian, modern and/or Surrealistic artworks.

CLAUDE VENARD (1913-1999)
Claude Venard, Abstract Cityscape, 75×75 cm. Price estimate: approximately € 1,000 – 1,300. Skånes Aukstionsverk

“It is certain the works of Claude Venard are not meant for empty souls or tepid hearts” said André Salmon in 1962 and he cannot be more right. Claude Venard (1913-1999) was a French post-Cubist who is renowned with his still life and city scape paintings. This work, an abstract city scene is another modern art highlight from the Skånes’ auction. Venard has shown his expertise in fragmented geometry, impasto and genius use of lines in this abstraction.

Finding success while he was alive, throughout his career Venard’s works were exhibited extensively and globally, and he has been featured in numerous solo shows and retrospectives. Today the works of Claude Venard are in permanent collections in the Modern Art Museum, Paris; The Tate Gallery, London; The Metropolitan Museum, New York; and The Tokyo Museum. His work continues to perform very well on both the primary and secondary markets. Established auction house Christie’s has sold his work at auctions with a price range of €30,000 – 40,000.

Hand chiseled silver bowl for the Sacramental bread. Late 1600s. Maker, possibly, Mathias Slim. approximately 230 gr, Diameter 11,5cm.
Silver Bowl. Late 1600s. Maker possibly Mathias Slim. Copenhagen. approximately 230 gr, Diameter 11,5cm. Skånes Auktionsverk

This auction has something for every taste and interest. Those whose hearts beat for antique silver will be mesmerized by this Danish Baroque hand chiseled silver bowl with a lid from late 1600s. Danish Silver is known with its quality and excellent craftsmanship which can be seen in this 2-piece work of art. What makes this bowl extra special is that it was used for the Sacramental bread during communion.

Pocket watch by James Cook. 1776-1777. 18K Gold.
Pocket watch by James Cook. 1776-1777. 18K Gold. Price est.: approximately € 800-1,000 Skånes Auktionsverk

Another incredible collector’s item in the sale is this pocket watch by James Cook from 1700s. The watchcase is decorated with a relief in tricolor gold depicting an urn and dove and is set with a rose-cut diamond. This stylish item features a work of art watch system inside and a heraldry with crown, set with stones, probably ruby. Usually made from ruby, but also from sapphire, diamond and glass, jewels were used as bearings for all the shafts, gears, arbors and moving parts of the watch. Using them reduces the friction and therefore increases the accuracy and lifetime of the watch.

James Cook was a famous pocket watch maker, based in Stockholm 1762-1803. Possibly used by a most dapper and dandy gentleman in the 18th century, this watch still has a walking spider. It features both a minute hand and an hour hand. Early pocket watches had only the hour hand and the minute hand appeared in late 1700s, so we can easily say this watch was the technologically most up to date model of its time.

Ring set with Tanzanite, 7.51 carats. Price estimate: approximately € 4,000. Skånes Auktionsverk
Ring set with Tanzanite, 7.51 carats. Price estimate: approximately € 4,000. Skånes Auktionsverk

Last but not least, the final highlight of the auction is this beautiful ring set with a mesmerizing blue-violet 7.51 ct tanzanite and surrounded with 20 princess cut diamonds which are in total about 1 ct, and two carré cut tanzanites on the sides. The amazing craftsmanship of the gold structure and the purple hues in the tanzanite make this object very appealing.

The extensive selection of the online auction at Skånes Auktionsverk is no where near finished with these beautiful highlights. There is also a selection of delicious gold jewelry, from antique gold bands to a classic Cartier bracelet. In the fine art department, take a look at the works by Pelle Åberg and a magnificent painting by Sven Walberg. For furniture lovers, there are several furniture designed by Josef Frank for Swedish Tenn. There are many exclusive silver items alongside Royal Copenhagen or Chinese porcelain, carpets, textiles, ceramics, modern design and more.