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Jewelry Valuation

Jewelry Valuation

Starting 100,000 years ago with a shell necklace, jewelry has been the symbol of personal style and status. The word “jewelry” comes from Latin “jocale”, which means plaything. Appealing to a wide section of society, jewelry signifies the fashion and style of its era and individuality of its owner, with […]

Marc Newson, Lockheed Lounge, c. 1990, sold for £2,434,500 in April 2015 at Phillips. Photo courtesy of Phillips.

Top Design Auction Houses in the World

Phillips (established 1792) New York, London, Geneva, Hong Kong Key Personnel: Edward Dolman (Chairman and CEO), Jean-Paul Engelen (Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art), Vanessa Hallett (Senior Director and Worldwide Head of Photographs), Nazgol Jagan (Worldwide Director of Jewels) Notable Design Lots:   Marc Newson, Lockheed Lounge, c. 1990, £2,434,500 – April 2015 Isamu Noguchi, The […]