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How Design is Valued: A Hybrid Analysis

How Design is Valued: A Hybrid Analysis

The perception of modern and contemporary design objects as mere functional interior objects have changed as the collector demand skyrocketed. Since early 1990s, mainly with the rise of the mid-century design trend, the secondary art market started to recognize design as a valuable category. Meanwhile, two main design focused auction houses were […]

Andy Warhol, 20 Pink Mao's. Synthetic polymer and silkscreen ink on canvas, 99.7 x 96.8 cm, 1979. Price est.: £4,000,000 - 6,000,000 Sold for: £4,741,000 at Phillips.

How to Value Art: A Simple Explanation

The art market is an economic model with more variants than just supply and demand. In this hybrid prediction market, numerous different cultural parameters, people, and institutions determine an artwork’s price. Like money, art has a very small intrinsic value. Human stipulation and declaration create and sustain its commercial value. Understanding […]