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Marc Newson, Lockheed Lounge, c. 1990, sold for £2,434,500 in April 2015 at Phillips. Photo courtesy of Phillips.

Top Design Auction Houses in the World

Phillips (established 1792) New York, London, Geneva, Hong Kong Key Personnel: Edward Dolman (Chairman and CEO), Jean-Paul Engelen (Worldwide Head of Contemporary Art), Vanessa Hallett (Senior Director and Worldwide Head of Photographs), Nazgol Jagan (Worldwide Director of Jewels) Notable Design Lots:   Marc Newson, Lockheed Lounge, c. 1990, £2,434,500 – April 2015 Isamu Noguchi, The […]

French auction house Tajan joins Mearto

French auction house Tajan joins Mearto

Located in Paris, Tajan organizes over sixty live auctions in many specialties as well as prestigious yearly sales in Monte-Carlo, offering unique opportunities to art lovers. The exceptional quality of artworks shown, the record prices, the number of valuations conducted in France and abroad, and their ever-expanding international clientele place Tajan in a […]