We are thrilled to announce that Mearto has joined forces with Catawiki, an online auction platform that hosts over 600 auctions for fine art, antique and collectible items each week.

Effective immediately, our customers will have the option to list their appraised item in one of Catawiki’s online auctions. Click on the button below to get started!

There are no listing fees, buyers pay shipping charges and Catawiki’s commission rates are much lower than most of their competitors.

Mearto managing director Lindsey Bourret said, “This partnership makes so much sense. Catawiki has an outstanding reputation and an engaged audience of buyers for exactly the kind of items that our customers want to sell. I have personally witnessed items selling for much more than their estimated fair market value on this platform and I would encourage all of our customers to give it a try!”

For questions or to learn more about this unique opportunity, please email us at: [email protected].