A nearly 150 million year-old skeleton of a stegosaurus is still available for sale for € 3,313,410 after it didn’t sell under the hammer on May 28. 

Stegosaurus sp. Source: Eastern Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming, USA Late Jurassic, c. 150 million years 155 x 270 x 570 cm Weight: 850 kg Price est.: € 2,400,000
Stegosaurus sp. Source: Eastern Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming, USA. Late Jurassic, c. 150 million years. 155 x 270 x 570 cm. Weight: 850 kg. Auctionata

Dinosaurs create good entertainment, proven by the popular Jurassic Park series of Steven Spielberg. Although the stegosaurus skeleton didn’t sell at auction, its suitors have raised the price to over € 3 Million on the German auction website, Auctionata.

The omnivore specimen, discovered in Wyoming in 2010, was one of the 90 lots in the the first Fossils and Minerals auction at Auctionata, provided by the Red Gallery, a specialist gallery in Hamburg, Germany.

The omnivore is said to be the best example of a stegosaurus with 90% of its original bone structure, complete with spine, tail spikes and back plates, intact.

The stegosaurus is now on sale for € 3,313,410, way over the price estimate before the auction, € 2.4 Million. The price includes taxes but not shipping. You can buy immediately or make a counter offer here.

The stegosaurus is a type of armored dinosaur and his name can be translated with ‘roof lizard’, from the ancient Greek στέγος Stegos ‘roof’ and σαῦρος sauros ‘lizard’. He was, with a length of up to nine meters, the largest known member of stegosaurus. With its imposing bony plates and tail spikes the stegosaurus was – along with tyrannosaurus, triceratops, Apatosaurus and velociraptor – one of the most popular dinosaurs ever. At least three different species were secure in western United States and Portugal. The typical form of the large and heavily built stegosaurus is given by its unusual position: The back was strongly arched, forelegs are short, its tail was lifted in the air and the head close to the ground.

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Photo courtesy of the Auctionata website.