Antique singer sewing machines is one of the items we keep getting appraisal requests for. Over the last year we had more than 10 machines through our online appraisal system. In this overview of “how to determine the value of your antique singer sewing machine” we will go through each singer sewing machine appraisal and look at what determined the value. The value estimate range for the antique singer sewing machines that we valued online at
is from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars. We have also included an example with another sewing machine brand to showcase how they are valued.
In this article, you will find 4 shared appraisals of antique singer machines and one other brand.

The factor that determines the value of an antique sewing machine is relatively simple.

Identify the manufacturer

Consider age


Type of machine


How rare is it

We always review antique singer sewing machines and consider the recent auction results for such items. To do that we go through hundreds of recent prices from different auction houses. We compare and match the submitted singer sewing machine we similar items and from that, we conclude what the value of the antique singer sewing machine would be.

History for antique singer sewing machines.

Singer sewing machines dominated the market in the late 20th century and are still very much synonymous with sewing in general today. There are other brands of antique sewing machines. But in this article, we will focus entirely on the value of antique singer sewing machines.

Antique Singer sewing machine in oak

appraisal estimate $80 – $200


This is an antique treadle sewing machine with hide-away stand in oak and cast iron by the Singer Sewing Machine Company. The machine has serial numbers AC360494 on it which indicates it was one of 35,000 alotted on October 11, 1928, in Class Model 66. The Singer 66 uses Class 66 bobbins, 15×1 needles have an oscillating hook and low shank. This does not have the extra decorative decal on it.

Singer model 66

appraisal estimate $200 – $300

This appears to be a Singer model 66 sewing machine from 1948 with foot pedal and lamp. The black crinkle lacquer finish is rather rare and enthusiasts might be willing to pay more than the estimate given for a sewing machine in working order.

1893 gilt and polychrome stencil decorated treadle sewing machine

Based on the serial number, this is an 1893 gilt and polychrome stencil decorated treadle sewing machine with what looks to be an oak table and cover, possibly original. As far as sewing machines go, this is a pretty good one; the current market for these is soft, however.

Singer treadle sewing machine from 1888

$100 – $300

This appears to be a Singer treadle sewing machine from 1888 in a much later case. The condition seems to be good, only the gilding is worn off. A working and fully serviced sewing machine should easily find a buyer. These machines are built to last.

Example of a sewing machine from Gritzner – not a Singer sewing machine

appraisal estimate €20 – €50

The apprised object is a sewing machine made by the company Gritzner which was located in Durlach in Germany. This company was founded in 1872 and produced sewing machines, and motorbikes. This sewing machine has the serial number 1.379.201 which dates it into the year 1905.
This piece is in a used condition and there are many little damages visible.

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