Where are the antique shops near me? and where can I sell my antiques? Should i sell my antiques online or to a local antique dealer? This is probably the questions you have if you are just discovered something valuable in the attic and want to sell your antiques.

Selling antiques is not something most people do on a daily basis – so it can feel quite different than trading on a local marketplace. In most cases because the value can be quiet tricky to determine. If that is the case you need an estimate. We previously wrote a guide on How to get free art and antique appraisals

10 Best places to sell antiques and collectibles


Our number one choice for selling antiques and collectibles online is Catawiki. They host over 600 auctions per week, and offer the lowest commission rates with no listing fees. Click on the button below to get started:


Ebay is the antique global powerhouse with +100 million users (many of them interested in art and antiques) Ebay has traditionally been a great place to find a buyer for your art and antiques. If you have something valuable – the buyer is right there somewhere on Ebay. Lately, eBay has shown an interest in selling highly valuable items like expensive jewelry, vintage watches, vintage fashion bags and highly sought after fine art. Get an appraisal or authenticate before you sell such items on Ebay. It will help you get the best possible price for your item.


RubyLane is the place to sell your antiques if you are a semi-pro antique aficionado. Not the place to trade a single item. Rubylane is big in the American market and not so much in Europe.

Auction houses

The recommended place to sell your antiques, if you have highly valuable items. Smaller local auction houses also sell less valuable antiques.


Users and buyers are there. Still, it feels weird for many to sell their antiques on Amazon as it is normally the place for traditional e-commerce. The category is there though and a lot of people sell their antiques, art, watches, and jewelry on Amazon.


Great for selling your art and antiques locally. Not ideal if your antiques are valuable – then you want a global audience bidding for your items.


Do you have antiques you want to sell and a whole estate? Then look at EBTH – they are the premium marketplace for estate sales. If you have a truck full of stuff and antiques let them pick it up.


Shown interest in trading antiques and art lately. Their user journey is loved by millions of collectors worldwide. Not so much for highly valuable items – but cute vintage stuff might sell well on Etsy.

Flea markets

Gather up all your stuff. Antiques, art, vintage cloth and fill up the trunk and go to the local flea market. Great place to get the job done. People will turn up for a good deal so be prepared to lower the price.

Antique shops

Find the local antique dealer near me. That is the question you want to ask if you are looking to sell to a local dealer. They are always interested in a good deal – but they will definitely not pay you the fair market price. A local antique dealer knows his trade and will offer you less than what the market would pay.